Affordable Smart TVs

No matter if with 3D or Smart TV – a good TV does not have to be expensive! Let’s find out what features should have a modern telly and what models are worth choosing.

They do not cost much, but can do everything

If you are not too demanding and just looking for a good TV with reasonable features, you will buy it for less than £500. With that amount saved up for a TV, you are not limited by the diagonal size. You can find the cheapest models that are diagonally from 39 (Panasonic TX-39AS500) to 48 inches (Toshiba 48L3433).

TV reception: TVs should be equipped with a DVB-T digital terrestrial tuner and a DVB-C cable tuner. However, if you use satellite TV in your house, it is worth choosing a model that also has a DVB-S tuner. This will allow you to watch TV programs without the need for an additional decoder. As a result, you will have less cables and fewer remote controls. The best in terms of reception quality is the Samsung UE48H6400 with the Sony KDL-40W605B, the weakest Toshiba 48L3433 – the difference is not too big though.

USB Recording: You just need to plug a small USB hard drive into your TV to watch TV with a time shift (time shift function). Thanks to it, you can stop watching the program and return to it in a moment – the maximum duration of the pause is 90 minutes.

Traditional timer recording also works, but only in DVB-T programs. The screen during recording may be disabled.

Energy consumption: Modern televisions are not too greedy for energy – the biggest of the affordable TVs, Sony KDL-50W805B in class A + consumes 44.3 watts of electricity, while the 39-inch Panasonic is only 33.2 watts. It’s not much.

Multimedia: You can show pictures from holidays saved on USB stick or watch movies on your hard drive – even cheap TV models can do it. They accept all popular formats, such as MKV.

Smart TV: The source of the signal that we can watch on the TV screen does not have to be a cable or terrestrial antenna anymore – more and more broadcasters choose to send multimedia via the internet. Internet content is accessed by Smart TV. This interactive TV mode not only allows you to use video services but also install applications. Depending on the producer of the TV, the convenience of Smart TV, the availability of video services, the list of applications and additional features are different. Currently the richest in terms of content offerings is Samsung, a step trying to keep him LG, Panasonic and Sony. Every year, manufacturers are trying to update the Smart TV mode, so the functionality of older models may be weaker.

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