Do you need a keyboard for your TV?

The phenomenon of Smart TV is growing every year so the possibilities it brings. We got to the point when the TV became the centre of home entertainment and not only because of what is broadcasted in that moment. Smart TV supply the viewers with multiple functions, of which we could only dream until recently. In such a situation, convenient control would be useful. Is the keyboard necessary to manage your Smart TV?

Smart TVs have been present on the market for several years now, but every successive generation is increasingly packed with features and services. This made the TVs difficult to control. And until recently, most of the devices did not allow the keyboard and mouse to be connected voluntarily (unless they were expensive, dedicated kits), but now it’s no longer a problem. We can simply connect the keyboard and mouse wireless. But does that make sense?

First of all: convenience

Today we should not treat TV like a regular TV. Smart TVs currently sold are the devices more similar to the computers than the tellies from few years ago. After all, they are featured with web browsers, , numerous applications, and even entire market stores with programs that we can download and install. Each application has different capabilities and features, and not everyone can comfortably operate the remote control on a TV. In addition, manufacturers are increasingly joining the set of so-called magic remote, a remote control with a motion sensor that makes it much easier to navigate the menu or write on the onscreen keyboard. However, nothing will replace the traditional keyboard. The comfort of typing more words is incomparable. This will be especially noticeable when typing in website addresses or movie and series names that we will be looking for at the moment. Longer use of a dedicated remote can be just annoying. Every day we use computers with keyboards, so this way of typing more words is more natural for us and much faster.


The size of today’s keyboards is also important. We can buy a traditional accessory, like a computer that will occupy a lot of space and will not be too handy in the set with the TV, but a much better choice seems to be a small keyboard. Often, they have a size slightly larger than the average pilot, so they will not take too much space on a coffee table. This is a very important factor, because what is the use of the wireless keyboard, that we would have to reach for a little moment if you are made to go to the drawer under the TV, type and hide it again? The small keyboard can lay comfortably close to a couch or chair and will not interfere with anything.


There was a time when the Smart TV keyboards were expensive. This was mainly due to the fact that the televisions did not allow any accessory to be connected. Only dedicated models were supported, most often produced by the manufacturer of the TV, and therefore quite expensive. Today, the vast majority of models allow you to connect any USB keyboard plug and play, so practically almost all. Prices of course are varied and start from £15 for products of lesser known companies, and they end up at £100 for models created by popular brands such as Samsung or Logitech. The choice depends on our preferences and how much you want to spend on it. So why it is worth to buy a keyboard for Smart TV? If you are going to take advantage of the software capabilities, including web browsers, applications, and even Skype instant messengers, that’s the way to go. The keyboard will be a great convenience and will greatly increase the comfort of your TV. If you are going to use Smart TV on an occasional basis, you have to ask yourself whether it is really worth it.

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