Easy TV Streaming

Watching television a few years ago required connecting to an antenna receiver or buying a cable. Today, there is nothing to stop you from watching movies and TV series through the internet on your TV. Let’s check what equipment is necessary for this.

Receiving television via the internet is no longer a hussle. VOD services are available on a variety of platforms and allow access to content on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and from a computer. There is also no obstacle to watch TV through the internet on the TV.

Internet-connected smart features help you get more out of your television. Most of the new TVs are smart now, with a wide range of models to choose from available at affordable prices. Check out the currys Voucher Codes from Groupon to get the best deals on smart TVs that will let you enjoy the streaming hassle-free.

The base is the Smart TV platform

The great majority of modern televisions now have ‘smart’ feature, and it’s getting increasingly hard to buy a non-smart model. You don’t need to connect a smart TV up to the internet to just watch television, but if you do go online you can enjoy very easy access to various apps to stream videos, movies and news or just browsing your social media accounts and info pages.  Some TV producers invest in their own smart TVs solutions (such as Samsung’s Tizen) or use Google’s Android platform (Sony).

What do you need for your smart TV?

Firstly, obviously, the internet: you’ll need a stable internet connection to get your smart TV online, ideally broadband. Most smart TVs are now wi-fi enabled, meaning you can wirelessly connect them to your internet router at home. Also, remember that a decent broadband speed is required if you want to enjoy the streaming without any cuts. The last thing is TV licence, but it is only required if you plan to stream live TV on services such as iPlayer or ITV Player. You don’t need a licence to watch TV over the internet if it’s purely on demand.

Apple TV, Chromecast, and more

Depending on the software used on your smartphone and computer, you may need some additional accessory. IPhone and Mac owners can use the Apple TV and use iTunes Store applications and resources or AirPlay’s wireless  stream media or clone images from other Apple devices.

Android and Windows-based device owners can use Google’s Chromecast device to send media from their mobile devices and Chrome browser. There are also many minicomputers with Android that allow access to applications, and video content from the internet also allows you to stream game consoles.

But it is not worth giving up on classic television yet.

Even though access to video over the internet is getting easier, and VOD services are constantly evolving, it is not worth giving up on classic linear television as both supply their viewers with a complementary content. Linear TV wins over Internet TV on live broadcasts watched at home. Cable and satellite TV providers also offer VOD services, which otherwise do not have access to.

Watching movies and TV series from the internet on a TV is no longer extravagant. Thanks to the development of Smart TV platforms, VOD services, applications from television providers using appropriate devices, you can watch TV, including movies and series, without any problems. Choosing specific equipment is an individual matter. It is easier to watch TV via the Internet with Smart TVs on modern TVs, but equally well – or better – can check out Google’s, Apple’s and other gaming consoles and consoles.

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