Why should you use live streaming?

Live streaming is a service that transmits video content in real time. Broadcasts include sports events, concerts, interviews, conferences or presentations of new products and services. Marketers from the world’s largest companies, such as GE, Nestle and Mars, have been using live streaming for years to promote their brand among customers. Need hard evidence on how your company can benefit from of this rapidly growing technology? Keep reading and check 10 reasons to use live streaming.

The streaming can can take place in different locations, depending on your needs and requirements. If, as a broadcast organizer, you have a well-developed YouTube channel, make live broadcasts available through YouTube Live. For a fanpage with a large number of likes, use Facebook Live. The broadcast can also be placed on a dedicated subpage on your website or on a completely separate page created by Filmpoint. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons.

  1. Follow the trends.

Live streaming appears in many publications as one of the leading trends in 2017:

  • “5 Social Media Trends That Will Dominate 2017”, Forbes 2017.
  • InfoGraphic Design Team 2016.
  • “7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017,” Forbes 2016.
  • “Four trends that will redefine media in 2017”, Marketing Week 2017.
  1. Unique experience for your viewers.

Through live streaming, the broadcast organizer can give viewers a unique (one-off) experience – a limited time offer – that is, to present an offer that will only benefit its viewers.

  1. Direct communication with customers.

Live streaming lets you know about the needs of your customers and, in real time, answer their questions. All this leads to strengthening the relationship with the customer. Of course, all interaction can be moderated.

  1. Interaction between customers.

Live streaming gives you the ability to interact directly with each other and, therefore, exchange experiences.

  1. The possibility to conduct surveys.

Surveys carried out during live streaming allow you to get to know your customers better and show results in the form of statistics (tables, charts).

  1. Access to analytical data.

The online streaming organizer has access to analytical data that is known to him as the total number of viewers, the maximum number of viewers at a given moment, the average time spent watching online and demographic.

  1. Adapt to your individual needs.

The transmission can be adjusted to the requirements of its organizer – color selection of the transmission player, chat and place the logo.

  1. Lack of stress.

For the organizer of the broadcast everything is stress-free. Filmpoint will take care of everything. We only need information about the availability of the Internet at the selected location, sound in the room, projector, number of participants, and at least 2-3 hours to set up equipment and conduct tests (eg hall lighting).

  1. Reaching a wide audience.

Online transmission reaches everyone, regardless of platform – mobile, tablet and PC. This is quite important, even if the research results show that more than half of the video content is currently being viewed on mobile phones. Online transmissions are not subject to physical restrictions such as the size of the room or the length of time that occurs for stationary events. Thanks to this transmission can be a much cheaper solution, from the traditional conference. In addition, due to the fact that the broadcast is being recorded, you can later post it anywhere in a retransmission format that is accessible to people who could not watch the broadcast online.


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